About Power Flushing

If you don’t know a lot about power flushing and the long term benefit to your central heating system then read on. Here at power flushing Dublin our experts  are happy to share our knowledge.

About power flushing, the way it works

If you want your central heating system to work at it’s optimum then having your system flushed is recommended for good central heating maintenance. As the years go by there are a number of potential issues that can prevent your central heating systems performance.

When carrying out a system flush a plumber will connect a specialist power flushing machine to your central heating circuit (as seen in the diagram). A cleaning chemical is then added and pumped through your pipes and radiators. This dislodges any gunk, sludge and metal oxides that has built up over the years. The machine clears this out. Once your system is clean a corrosion inhibitor is added, this will protect your pipes and radiators from future corrosion.

The benefits of having your central heating system flushed out.

  • Saving money. Your central heating will be working a lot harder to heat your property whilst clogged up. Once clean you will get better heat on lower settings saving you cash.
  • Extend the life of you boiler. Metal oxides damage your boiler, especially the heat exchanger. These depending on the boiler could cost €500-€700 to replace as they are the main part of the boiler.
  • Keep your radiators in good health. Metal oxides cause pin holing. This may causes loss of heat, pressure, leaks. New radiator then required!

Signs you may need a power flush.

  1. When having a new boiler installed. These days if you read the fine print on your warranty when you get a new boiler you will find the following. “Your central heating system must be cleaned prior to installation for your warranty to be valid”. You  may think everything is fine with your radiators and pipe work but if you have a problem whilst under warranty don’t be surprised if a) The manufacturer sends out an engineer to test the water. b) If the system has not been cleaned  prior to installation they will deem your guarantee void so be careful!
  2. If you are finding that your central heating system is taking a long time to heat up.
  3. Cold spots.  This is generally caused by a accumulation of gunk, grime and sludge travelling throughout your heating system.
  4. Your pump only works intermittently. This again can be caused by a build up of gunk.
  5. Weird noises coming from your boiler. This can be gunk jamming up the heat exchanger.
  6. Bleeding you radiators on a regular  basis.
  7. Pin holing in the body of your radiators.

A power flush takes time when done correctly.

You may have seen some places advertising power flushing for around €60. This is not power flushing. As any respectable plumbing company will tell you to power flush 10 radiators you are looking at 5.5 – 7 hours roughly. We may even have to come out and evaluate your requirements first before you book the flush itself. We will always organize a convenient time for our clients for the work to be carried out,(weekends at no extra charge).  Some of the many  benefits of power flushing are optimized performance of the central heating system, extending the life of parts and reducing heating bills as the boiler doesn’t have to work so hard to heat your property.

Check out our prices, our power flushing service is considerably cheaper than Bord Gais energy and most of our competitors. We hope you found our article about power flushing interesting? If you would like speak to an expert about it in more detail, book an appointment or get a free quotation just call us on 01 554 3625.