Gas Boiler Service

If it’s the time of year for your annual gas boiler service just call us on 01-6874853. Our team of R.G.I. plumbers would be delighted to help. Your boiler manufacturer recommends that you have a service once a year, below are a few reasons why.

Reasons to have an annual gas boiler service

  1. Health and safety. When we service your boiler we check the CO2 emissions. CO2 is known as the silent killer so checks on the flue and that there are no gas leaks anywhere is vitally important. Water leaks, we check for these also. If water is leaking from the boiler and comes in to contact with electricity you have a fire hazard.
  2. Efficiency. Having an annual boiler service can save costs on heating bills. By cleaning the boiler and optimizing it’s performance it doesn’t have to work so hard to provide heat, thus using less gas.
  3. Checking for wear and tear. We can often identify problems that may occur in the near future. “Pre-warned is pre-armed” It can save you money by nipping an issue in the bud rather than have a complete boiler breakdown further along the line.

I work full time when can I get a gas boiler service?

We know this! We work all the time also. We can arrange a time that suits you. This may be early morning, in the evening or weekends. If you are on shift work as long as you have an hour window free we can be there service your gas boiler and be on our way.

About our friendly local gas boiler service team

We have a number of R.G.I. plumbers working for us. They all have between 20 – 35 years working in the plumbing trade. They take there regular R.G.I. courses and all have extremely good knowledge when it comes to general plumbing and working with natural gas. In fact our company provides a complete range of services for some of Dublin’s largest property management companies the four courts and we are also a social housing contractor. Our staff are reliable and courteous at all times and happy to go the extra mile.

To book your annual gas boiler service just call our head office on 01-6874853 today. All prices are dependent on the make and range between €60-€85 inc V.A.T. This compares favorably with our competitors!