Power Flushing Prices

At Power Flushing Dublin we know our power flushing prices are reasonable. We know for example that Bord Gais energy like to start at €599 excluding V.A.T. We don’t! If you have 6 radiators obviously you wouldn’t want to pay that much.

We base our power flushing prices on the amount of work involved

This makes sense to us and hopefully our clients.

Unfortunately due to Covid and Brexit we have had to increase our prices. The price of our cleaning chemicals have doubled as has labor costs, machine maintenance and insurance.

  • Entry level, 4 radiators  €370 + V.A.T. @13.5%
  • 5  radiators €410+V.A.T. @13.5%
  • 6 Radiators €450 + V.A.T. @13.5%
  • 7 radiators €490  + V.A.T @ 13.5%
  • 8 Radiators €530+V.A.T. @13.5%
  • 9 Radiators €560 +V.A.T.@13.5%
  • 10 Radiators € 590+V.A.T.@13.5%
  • 11 Radiators €620 + V.A.T.@13.5%
  • 12 Radiators €650 + V.A.T.@13.5%
  • More than 12 Radiators, please call 01 – 554 3625 for a custom quote..

Anything up to approximately 16 radiators should be able to be completed within the day with a two man team but will run into overtime, thus the custom quote. For  very small jobs one plumber will be in attendance but this is unusual. A 2 man team will generally attend

We do carry out our power flushing service to Dublin’s surrounding counties although there will be an additional charge to the above prices to cover travel time. Please provide an Eircode and we can calculate travel time and then provide a quote.

If you didn’t know our power flushing engineers are R.G.I. registered this means we can do great combination deals. Why not book your annual boiler service with us while we clean your heating system for only an extra €50 including V.A.T. Again this is half the price of Bord Gais (€99).

Combined boiler installation and power flushing prices

If you need a new boiler make sure that you are aware of the fine print in the warranty. Most new boiler installers give a 1 year parts and labor warranty, we issue a 5 year one. What you will find in 90% of warranties these days is that the warranty can be deemed invalid if you don’t have your system power flushed prior to installation.

It has been known when trying to claim on the warranty that the boiler manufacturer will send someone out to take a water sample from your central heating system. They test the sample and can tell if your system was cleaned. If it hadn’t been they will just deem the warranty null and void.

Just call us for a free quote. Let us know what type of boiler you want i.e a combi, system or heat only and how many radiators you have and we’ll instantly give you a price. Remember you’ll get a 5 year parts and labor guarantee and we’ll generally have the installation and flushing done within the day.