Power Flushing Unit Hire

If you are in the trade and don’t own a power flushing machine then power flushing unit hire may be the only option if a job comes up. As R.G.I. plumbers ourselves, firstly we know the machine aren’t cheap to buy. Secondly we only know of one other company that hire machines out and that is HSS Hire. The problem we know though is that they only have a couple of relatively old machines traveling throughout the north and south of Ireland.

You may try to book a unit and inform your client of a date to carry out the work and then the person who hired it in Galway decides they need it for an extra day. It’s not HSS’s fault but they can’t transport it to Dublin for your booking if they don’t have it! You have to then apologize to your client, re-book the appointment, then pray you’ll get one the next time. We know this is true as it has happened to some of our clients.

About our power flushing unit hire

  1. Based in Dublin city center in Gardiner Street lower you can pick up and return machines from 8 am-5 pm Monday to Friday or 8 am -midday on Saturdays.
  2. Our prices are cheaper than HSS hire check out our prices and T & C’s here.
  3. Our machines are in very good condition with all of the hoses and attachments you may need.
  4. Our standard machines are the Kamco Clearflow CF40 Evolution. You can download the data sheet by clicking here.
  5. The Clearflow CF40 will handle up to 25 Radiators over 3 storeys. If you need something with more power just ask.
  6. If you hire a power flushing unit with us you know it’s guaranteed to be there!
  7. One day, two days and weekly hire options.

If you require more information or would like to take advantage of our great power flushing unit hire rates, just call 01 554 3625.